Bingo Beginners Guide

Many of you are already aware to the fact that bingo is one of the most enjoyable and easy going games. The objective is not complicated, you don’t need any special skill or ability and yet, It is one of the most played games.

There are countless amounts of bingo sites in the UK and local halls, which you can play free just for the fun of it.

Promotional Offers

Bingo halls create new variants all the time. The reason is because they would like to keep their players coming back rather than moving on to a different game.

In the past few years, there has been a lot of “promotional offers” for bingo players in order to offer a potential of higher prizes such as additional prize for winners by spinning a wheel, entering a “winners lottery” and so on..

A lot of bingo halls and online bingo rooms now offer special jackpots on a weekly and/or monthly base. When signing in to an online bingo room or a land based bingo hall, be sure to ask for their special promotions and offers. Most online bingo rooms can have those offers sent to your Email address.

Bingo Patterns

A bingo pattern is the numbers on your bingo board that according to the hall rules, will win the game. Common patterns are the vertical/horizontal lines, although bingo has advanced since those days and now have much more complex patterns with different shapes and colors.

As a rule of thumb, it’s easier to play in bingo patterns you find yourself most comfortable at. It will be easier for you as a player to notice when achieving a Bingo and will be easier to control when playing with multiple bingo cards.

There are many bingo variations, each has their own patterns and game rules, be sure to check the rules before so you will be able to choose what is best and most comfortable for your needs.

Bingo Etiquette

What distinguishes bingo from other gambling games is the fact that it is a social game – a community game. A game that is more than just a gamble. The bingo players are sometimes friends or relatives that comes to have a good time and play.

Many bingo halls encourage that activity for a better feel and atmosphere at the bingo halls. These days, bingo halls even throw birthday parties and other celebrations on special occasions.

In the UK there is a community of players. I myself go once in awhile with my friends and relatives for a “bingo night out”. It is truly a unique experience to go out, relax and play some games with your friends.

How To Play Bingo

When a new player enters a bingo hall he needs to first buy a bingo card(s). Those cards are divided to numbers and usually sold as “bingo books” that has three cards for each of the bingo games.

As a player, you can decide how many cards you would like to purchase and play with. For beginners, I usually advise to play with 2-3 cards to start with. More experienced players might feel they’re ready enough to play with more books. Just be aware that the numbers will be called fast and you will need to keep track of the called numbers.

For that same reason is why I advise playing with easy to follow bingo patterns. Don’t play with too many cards or you will not be able to keep track of the called numbers!

Bingo Rules

  • Purchase your bingo card(s)
  • Place marker over the name and number that was called (If match)
  • Shout – BINGO if and when you conver the numbers of a winning bingo pattern
  • Go and get your prize from the host or purchase new bingo cards for the next rounds

Save Money Playing Bingo

A lot of people keep the impression that online gambling is costly. It can be true at times but not all the time.

Freeroll games are there to offer you the same excitement and the same chances of winning without compelling you to shed anything. If you have good money management skills, you will surely find a way that will put you on the advantage.

With Bingo, for example, you do not need to spend money all the time, you can also enjoy it for free. Here are some ways you can do so won’t be able to spend as much while taking pleasure in every thing that Bingo offers:

  • Favour No Deposit Bingo over the others: The Internet is truly never short of options. If you want to enjoy Bingo for all that it is, play now deposit bingo games, without spending any of your hard earned cash. No Deposit Bingo is created for players who do not want to spend on their Bingo habit. With this type of play, all that you are expected to do is to spare some time to play as much games as you can. The more you play the more chances you get at pursing the jackpot. Mostly, the prizes at No Deposit Bingo games are items but there are also some that offers cash prizes.
  • Go for cheap Bingo or No Deposit Bingo games: If you are only in it for fun, you can save so much in entering low stake Bingo games. Your £1 would go a long way if you really want to experience Bingo. Just look out for large deposit bonuses and penny bingo games, this will be sure to make your cash last.